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seniumdecorum's Journal

13 December 1988
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I am physically 21 years of age, though I should be grateful I don't look as old as I feel sometimes. I'm proudly pagan, life loving, laughter listening, conversationally curious, peacefully poetic, energetically earthy, mostly merry, and absolutely adorable (just joking.)

I enjoy the company of my friends and most of my blood-family (and such, I've created my own family from close friends.) I am very protective and known for my jealousy, though it is something I'm working on. Now to not spoil the spoils of getting to know me, I'm leaving the rest to rest on the shoulders of the curious ones. Relax, read, ramble on with me, question and surely you will receive answers (though perhaps not the ones you are looking for) and above all be happy.

Blessed Be